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Carpet Cleaning Sunbury

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Getting your carpet cleaned regularly helps expand the life-span of the carpet. If you allow pets on the carpet, it will be full of pet hair here and there, stuck stubbornly. carpet usually comes in direct contact with shoes or feet which makes it highly prone to getting dirty and after a certain time, it starts to stink. It also ruins the look and beauty. What's more, it may cause various health issues such as allergies acting up. If you have babies, the carpet will have food particles and extra dirt in addition to dust mites, dry skin cells and other small pollutants in the air. Get steam cleaning done for your carpet in Sunbury by the best professionals!

At Masters of steam and dry cleaning services, you get free mold and stain treatment and deodorising. Because we use non toxic products, you can rest assured your children and family's safety will not be compromised. We make sure to provide the services with the latest cleaning equipment for the best results and optimal efficiency.

Considering the type of your carpet, we offer you both the steam and dry cleaning services, whichever your carpet may need. Recommended carpet cleaning frequency varies from 3 months to 24 months. Get the best carpet cleaning in Sunbury with us.


That stain that just wouldn’t go away! Yes, we CAN treat your carpet and help it get rid of that stain! Whether it is red wine stain or blood stain or pet accidents stain or food spill stain or any other stain, you don’t have to stress and get headache about it anymore, we can treat them all, we can give you your carpet so clean, it looks just as good as new!

Another headache causing issue is bad odors. Sometimes you keep wondering where the bad smell is coming from because sometimes the smell is caused by residue and there are no visible stains on your carpet. Bad smell can occur due to left behind moisture, pet accidents, piled up dirt layers and too many stains. You do not have to worry about that anymore either! Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning can make your carpet bad odor free, in fact pleasant - smelling with the top quality carpet steam cleaning in Sunbury!

Do not make the mistake of thinking that the bad smell will go away on its own, in sometime or that the stains will fade away with time! It will only get worse with time without the professional carpet cleaning services! Get the best carpet cleaning in Sunbury with us.

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