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Want your carpets to look like new and stay germ-free? Look no further! It's vital to keep your carpet cleaning these days, especially when thinking about your family's health. That's where our carpet cleaning services Melbourne come in.

At your local carpet cleaner, Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning, we make sure every inch of your carpet is spotless and fresh. You might be thinking, "Are there affordable carpet cleaner services near me? Isn't professional carpet cleaning near me expensive?" Don't worry! We're here to offer top-notch carpet cleaner services without breaking your bank.

Whether you have a busy office space that needs frequent carpet cleaning or a calm bedroom, we've got you covered. From steam carpet cleaning services to steam and dry cleaning, we tailor our methods based on your needs. So, if you're searching for "carpet cleaners near me" or "professional carpet cleaning service near me," just give us a call. Our carpet cleaning professionals are eager to help you out!"

No matter your carpet cleaning needs, we're here to assist. Just reach out, and our experts will take care of the rest! Call us on 1300 841 383 to book now.

Reasons to choose professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne

Here are a few reasons to choose us for professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne:

  • Professional carpet cleaning helps to maintain the carpet’s durability. Professionals know how to clean and with what to clean. At Masters, we use the best quality carpet cleaning equipment and an exclusive cleaning solution that allows us to clean the carpet effectively without harming its fabric and overall aesthetics. As a result, your carpet remains safe with us, and our effective cleaning process enhances its durability.
  • When it comes to carpet steam cleaning, Melbourne, we use cleaning agents that penetrate the carpet and loosen dirt and soil. Further, our hot water extraction process kills germs and allergens in the carpet, thus enhancing its hygienic aspect. So, when the cleaning process is done, your carpet is safe to use.
  • As cleaning experts, we understand the importance of drying the carpet appropriately and adequately. As a result, once the cleaning process is complete, we let the carpet dry well. It is to prevent rapid moisture build up and to let the carpet remain fresh for a longer time.

Carpets are typically spread across common spaces which accumulates dust, dirt and builds moisture over a while that leads to the development of various germs, allergens, bacteria, etc., in the carpet. If not cleaned and eliminated on time, these harmful contaminants can ruin your carpet’s durability, make it smell foul, and of course, render it unhygienic.

Whether it is carpet steam cleaning or carpet dry cleaning, we would always recommend that you go ahead and hire experts to do the job so that the cleaning is effective, your carpet remains safe, and you get the best value for your investment.

Our motto is to give all our clients a safe, healthy and hygienic environment. We work hard and surpass your expectation. Our team strives to be better each day. With your recommendation, referral and support we will make every carpet in Melbourne clean and safe. Get in touch with us at 1300 841 383 NOW!

Carpet Cleaning before Carpet Cleaning before

What We Offer

Top experts at Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning suggest that one must make sure that they get their carpets cleaned professionally at least twice a year. Of course, as mentioned above, based on the amount of footfall and exposure to dirt, this estimate of time can vary.

In order to ensure that we can cater to every kind of need that you might have, we offer two specific kinds of carpet cleaning service in Melbourne. They are:

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning

We pride ourselves for being regarded as one of the best Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne. We go through the custom requirements of the customers and then offer services to help them get rid of dust, germs, allergens, sticky dirt, food particles, etc. and clean every corner of the carpet thoroughly.

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Book our professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne because we provide:

Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning offers a host of services within the realms of carpet cleaning in Melbourne that sets it apart from other companies in the same industry.

Our top services include:

  • Emergency carpet cleaning service for stain removal
  • Same day carpet cleaning services
  • Affordable carpet cleaning service
  • Service to remove musty unpleasant odours
  • House carpet cleaning
  • Offering commercial carpet cleaning service in Melbourne

We Are Melbourne Carpet Cleaning Professionals. Our Methods

At Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning, as one of the top experts for carpet cleaning services in Melbourne, we follow an organized carpet cleaning process and use the appropriate dry cleaning and steam cleaning equipment to ensure the best results. Please take a look at our process relating to professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

  • At the outset, we pre-vacuum the carpet with the assistance of a rapid modern vacuum cleaner, including a revolving brush that empowers us to eliminate residue and dry soil present at the carpet’s base.
  • We pre-shower the carpet with our special cleaning solution and spot cleaner that assists in releasing soil and treating spots, thus improving the expulsion of soil and obstinate stains from the carpet.
  • If you choose to steam clean your carpet, we use steam cleaning equipment with high pressing factor and suction features to clean the carpet and refresh it.
  • Further, we groom your carpet to reset the pile back to its original form to help it dry at a faster rate.
  • That’s why we are the best cleaners for carpet
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Local Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne – You Can Trust

Spills and food drops happen all the time, especially with kids around the house, or a workspace with multiple people spending hours on it. We provide solutions, which will help you protect your carpet from such accidents turning into stains. Our stain repellent option works like magic, keeping the stubborn stains at bay for a good 6 months (or more based on the usage).

The best time to apply the Scotchgard Protector is right after the hot water extraction cleaning process. It helps keep spills from becoming hard-to-remove stains.

Here are the key benefits Scotchgard provides

  • Helps protect against oil and water based stains
  • The carpet and rug fibres resist soiling more effectively
  • Adds a protective layer, so you can blot up spills before they become stains
  • The stains come off more easily when the carpet is cleaned
  • Dirt is easier to be picked-up during vacuuming

How is Carpet Steam Cleaning different from Carpet Dry Cleaning

Contrary to what most people think, Carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning aren’t the same. They both are different cleaning methods with varying processes based on the type of dirt accumulated and the usage of the Carpet. Let us look at a few significant differences.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet steam cleaning Melbourne involves the use of cleaning agents and hot water to uproot dirt and eliminate germs and allergens to turn the carpet safe to use. It is done once in six months or so when the carpet accumulates a lot of dirt and becomes unhygienic to use. Further, it also involves drying the carpet to ensure it does not build up moisture and does not develop germs and allergens quickly. Carpet steam cleaning removes contaminants effectively. However, it takes a bit longer, including the drying process.

Here’s a general list of the carpet fabrics, which can be steam cleaned

  • 100% wool – an expensive fabric that can be easily damaged, it’s very absorbent, too
  • Nylon – the most popular carpet fibre, resistant to moisture and traffic
  • Polyester – very durable, but greasy stains can be hard to remove
  • Acrylic – stain- and sunlight-resistant, not as durable as nylon and polyester
  • Polypropylene – very popular, easily cleaned and doesn’t shrink

We are one of the best carpet cleaner in Melbourne, and we support it with several factors that make us the preferred choice for carpet cleaning across thousands of homes and offices in and around Melbourne. Here are a few reasons that make us the best for carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning service.

Give us a chance to serve you, and we wouldn’t disappoint you! Hire our best carpet cleaners, and get same day carpet cleaning in Melbourne to keep your carpet clean, fresh, and always shining. To book emergency same day carpet cleaning service in Melbourne, connect with us at 1300 841 383.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Service in Melbourne at Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Dry carpet cleaning Melbourne is another effective cleaning technique to remove surface dust. Yes, it can clean surface dust. However, when you need deep cleaning, steam cleaning forms a better option. Carpet dry cleaning is quicker and does not require you to dry the carpet as in the case of steam cleaning. Besides, it is quick, In most cased carpets are walk-on-dry in under an hour and therefore proves useful when you have to give a quick cleaning touch up to your carpets. Professional carpet dry cleaning restores the carpet fibre, removes abrasive debris that is hiding in the pile and treats the bacteria and allergens. Dirt and grit collect around the base of the carpet fibers.

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Why Choose Us? Well, Here’s Why!

  • FREE! Carpet mold, stain treatment and carpet deodorising included!
  • Use of non-toxic and products safe for children and families
  • Cleaning process that allows the carpet to dry in as quickly as two hours
  • Use of the latest cleaning equipment for the best results and optimal efficiency
  • Efficient carpet pre-vacuuming to clean carpet
  • Option to choose carpet dry cleaning or carpet steam cleaning, based on your needs
  • Expert and qualified cleaning staff
  • Use of specialized stain remover in case of commercial carpet cleaning and for heavily soiled and stained carpets

How to avail our services?

At Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning, we ensure that our customers can leave their carpet cleaning worries to us and sit back and relax while we provide them with a safe, clean, hygienic and healthy environment to keep their friends, family and colleagues in the pink of their health and away from all pathogens.

In order to hire us, all you need to do is get in touch with us at 1300 841 383 and let us know your requirements. We will take into consideration the custom requirements and then offer you an estimate.

You can throw your questions at us including the time we would take, what is our expertise, the materials that we use and so on and so forth and once we answer them to our satisfaction, you can give us the green light.


What our clients say about their experience with us.

Roger Massa
Roger Massa
Did amazing job really happy with the work these guys did
Valarie Sum
Valarie Sum
Sam was very efficient,friendly and on time. Very happy and pleased with the job done and would highly recommend their services.
Emne Khodr
Emne Khodr
Great job
Tarek Fakhreddine
Tarek Fakhreddine
Great work they did my mattress Rug and my couches so happy thank you Sam
Chloe McDonald
Chloe McDonald
Sam was absolutely fantastic, easy to deal with and arranged cleaning within a few days. Highly recommend.
Sarah McIntosh
Sarah McIntosh
I can highly recommend this service. Sammy was very efficient and thoroughly cleaned our sofa bed so much so it looked brand new! I’ll be using your services again.
Roxanne Macpherson
Roxanne Macpherson
Sammy was brilliant. Easy communication, prompt and kept me updated. He was very pleasant when we met and worked timelessly. Definitely recommend.


We recommend carpet cleaning every six months but you might need to consider the type and size of your carpet and the frequency period might change accordingly, contact us for exact information.
Yes, all of our technicians are carefully trained and insured as well as police cleared.
Absolutely, regardless of service type (dry or steam), we provide FREE mold and stain treatment along with deodorising.
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