Flooded Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Why Choose Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning for Floor Damage Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne?

  • Over a decade of experience in flooded carpet cleaning in Melbourne
  • Provision of emergency carpet cleaning services
  • Application of non-toxic products for enhanced safety
  • Carpet cleaning without lifting it, thus saving the effort to re-lay it and replacing the underlay
  • Use of the top-quality and well-maintained cleaning equipment
  • 24/7 availability
  • No additional charge for moving basic furniture
  • Focus on safety, hygiene and comprehensive cleanliness to ensure customer delight

Do you stay in flood-prone areas in and around Melbourne and need regular flood damage carpet cleaning services? Do not fret or worry! We at Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning are available for you round the clock for water damage carpet cleaning in Melbourne!

Carpets that encounters the entry of flood water or suffers from significant water spillage requires immediate attention, as the more profound the water penetrates more it rots and the severer the damage. Flood damage isn't limited to carpet spoilage but can lead to several other hygiene-related concerns as well. And so we are available at your service on a single call to minimise the impact of the damage.

Once we reach the location, our experts act quickly and start with our five-step effective carpet cleaning and restoring process to avoid surface, underlay, or surface breakdown. We use exclusive water-damaged carpet cleaning and restoring solutions to keep it safe, sanitise it, and minimise the damage's impact. Here's how we do it.

Services provided by Masters of dry and steam cleaning:

  • Cleaning wet carpets
  • Drying flooded carpet
  • Steam cleaning
  • Re-stretching and repairing of wet carpet
  • Wet carpet restoration & flooded carpet restoration
  • Carpet water damage repair
  • Water damage carpet cleaning
  • Water damage carpet restoration
  • Carpet water extraction
  • Carpet flood and Water damage restoration
  • Carpet Flood Recovery
  • Emergency water flood damage restoration services
  • Carpet water damage inspection
  • Carpet and fabric protection

Our Flood Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Process

As we know, the carpet is the largest furnishing and used the most in the house, so it tracks the most dirt. Eliminating carpet stains is a bit difficult, and so it needs the proper method. We are the experts who provide affordable damage carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

  • We begin with removing water from the carpet through high suction intake extraction machines.
  • Once we drain the water from the carpet, we perform an anti-browning treatment to prevent brown water stains on the carpet.
  • Further, we apply mould treatment to prevent mould growth underneath the carpet. This is done from a hygiene and safety point of view.
  • Wet carpets turn home to several germs that can contribute to several diseases. Additionally, such carpets start smelling foul after some time, thereby making it difficult (almost impossible) to use them. We sanitise and deodorise the carpet with the help of our unique odour absorber deodoriser. The solution prevents bad odour and eliminates their source as well.
  • Once we complete all of the above processes, we dry clean the carpet, thus restoring it.


This is one of the many effects of a flood that people face the most. When the power of the floodwater starts pushing against your structure, it weakens it, and in extreme cases, it can bring down the building. Flood doesn’t just affect the walls and the foundations of your structure; it also damages the electrical wiring and sometimes the plumbing of your building. Even if it doesn’t fall right away, after a continued development, the foundation and the walls will need extra reinforcements to stay strong. To reduce the risk of this, you should make sure that maximum precautions are taken to reduce the humidity and water damage.


  • What should I do first when my carpet is flooded?
  • First things first, you need to locate and assess the source of water and then try to desolate it. Next step would be to give us a call asap.

  • Are you available all over melbourne?
  • Yes, we are available with flooded carpet cleaning services, all over Melbourne.

  • How can I book your service?
  • You can book a service appointment online on our website or give us a call.

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