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Sofa Couch Stain Removal

The upholstery of our living space, whether it is at home at the office, is a quintessential statement of the standard of living that we hold ourselves to. This is why; it goes without saying that giving your upholstery the right kind of love and attention is an absolute must.

In order to ensure that regardless of what kind of fabric or material your upholstery is made of, it can be kept safe and clean for you in the most cost effective and durable manner, we offer two special types of cleaning services: Upholstery Dry Cleaning in Melbourne and Upholstery Steam Cleaning in Melbourne.

Couch Cleaning Melbourne Process

We follow a properly regimentalized process so that regardless of the scale of the project, each and every customer of ours can expect great service.

We follow a 5 step process to deliver high end services at pocket friendly prices.

  • Inspection: The first step is to inspect the requirements, identifying the material of the upholstery and short listing the equipment and products needed for the couch cleaning in Melbourne.
  • Actual Cleaning: The next step is to undertake the actual cleaning. We ensure that the area where the cleaning operation is performed is devoid of any other items to prevent cleaning residues from affecting them.
  • Stain Removal: Removing stains is done by carefully examining what might have caused it. We also ensure that we treat the stains before the rest of the fabric to ensure that its residues do not affect the rest of the upholstery.
  • Drying Time for Upholstery: Ensuring that the upholstery is dried properly is just as important as cleaning it properly. If left wet, it can become a hotbed for pathogens and mold. This is why; we use efficient drying methods to make it ready for use.
  • Feedback: The final step is to examine the upholstery post process and opening up for feedback from you. Our objective is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied and we don’t stop until we achieve that.
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Sofa Cleaning Services Range

Understanding your requirement and your fabric is the first step to being able to deliver the right kind of service for your upholstery. Our experts have proved over time that they have all the right tools and professionals in order to make sure that your couch and sofas are in the prime of their health at all times. This is perhaps the biggest reason why we are regarded as one of the top contenders of Couch Cleaning in Melbourne and Sofa Cleaning in Melbourne.

Our scope of services include an A to Z treatment of any and all upholstery that you may have at your home or office. If there is any kind of upholstery anywhere, we’ve got the cleaning products and equipment to make sure that it hygienic, safe and appropriate for private or mass use.

We offer specialized cleaning services in Melbourne for the following in addition to our Standard Upholstery Cleaning Process. They are: Fabric Protection Treatments, Tough Stain Removal, Anti-Allergen Treatment, Treatment for Dust Mite

Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Before Services at Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne After Services at Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning

Extra TLC for your Delicates and Antiques while Upholstery Cleaning

Who doesn’t love adding luxurious yet delicate fabrics and materials in their house? At Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning, we share your love for antiques and delicates. Our team understands that timeless classics and delicate fabrics need that extra tender loving care and we are prepared to offer you just that.

Having worked through hundreds of thousands of different materials across hundreds of properties, our experience in material treatment exceeds customer expectation. Our approach in Melbourne for Couch Dry Cleaning and Couch Steam Cleaning or Sofa Dry Cleaning and Sofa Steam Cleaning is absolutely scientific. We first understand the material and then use cleaning products and equipment that bring out the true life of the upholstery.

Whether we are dealing with timeless classics in terms of furniture or fragile items, our endeavour is to always ensure that our professional experts undertake meticulous procedures to reintroduce you to a fresh, clean, hygienic and safe upholstery that you love.

Sofa Cleaning Service
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Specialized Scotchgard Fabric Protection during Couch cleaning

Our experience has taught us that upholstery cleaning is just the first step towards protecting it.

Think of it as your personal couch shield. Couches, sofas and their upholstery almost quintessentially invite and absorb particles. They can take in stains, sticky dust, liquid spills and so on and so forth. With the Scotchgard barrier on top of it, the upholstery stays cleaner for longer.

The Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning Scotchgard protection will also protect your favourite upholstery from every day wear and tear. Needless to mention, a Scotchgard barrier ensures that you can prolong the life of your upholstery preventing unnecessary expenses. It also forms a protective barrier that repels allergens like dust mites, dander, pet allergens and more.

Battling the Damage by hiring sofa cleaning professional

A less known fact about upholstery is that over time, accumulation of dust and dirt not only makes your upholstery filthy, but also causes damage. It might lead to your fabrics turning sticky, breaking down, thinning, staining, or even fading unless proper care is giving periodically.

But at Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning, we are ready to battle any kind of damage that dust and dirt can throw at us. We have been often called the right choice for upholstery cleaning in Melbourne because we step in to protect not just the choicest fabrics of your furniture, but the overall furniture as a whole.

As one of the leaders of the upholstery couch cleaning industries in Melbourne, our experts recommend a bi annual (at 6 months interval) cleaning to ensure that you can keep dust, germs, allergens, stains, etc. at bay and maintain the aesthetics and health of your upholstery.

The ill effects of allowing pathogens to breed in your very couch is not hidden from the people of this world any more. To keep more pandemics and healthy concerns away, keeping your upholstery in the best shape is no longer an option or luxury but the need of the hour and at Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning, we are right here to combat filth with hygiene.

Upholstery Cleaning Service
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Why Choose Masters of Upholstery Cleaning Service Melbourne?

Choosing the right upholstery cleaning service providers in Melbourne equipped with the right range of cleaning products and equipment is of utmost importance. But don’t worry about hunting the right cleaners, because At Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning we have got your back! Just getting in touch with us can solve all your upholstery concerns! Almost 87% of our clientele is repeat customers, because we deliver nothing but the best kind of service. Check out the top few reasons why our customers choose us:

  • FREE! Upholstery mold treatment
  • FREE! Upholstery deodorising included
  • FREE! Upholstery stain treatment included
  • Choose between steam and dry cleaning
  • Quicker drying time (one to two hours)
  • Availability of same day upholstery cleaning service in Melbourne
  • Deep hot water extraction
  • Use of non-toxic products safe for children and families
  • Use of the safe and the latest upholstery cleaning equipment
  • Team of experienced and expert upholstery cleaning staff
  • Extensive domestic and commercial client base
  • Services everywhere in and around Melbourne
  • Focus on delivering the best results and customer delight

Book our Professional Upholstery cleaning service NOW!

To ensure that you along with your friends, family and colleagues are living a clean and healthy life away from pathogens, we offer the best upholstery couch cleaning service in Melbourne. All you need to do is get in touch with us and share your requirements and concerns! Our team understands your needs and the materials that need to be treated and present an estimate for you beforehand.

We assure you that we only use state of the art cleaning technology and products to ascertain best in class cleanliness and hygiene. Our techniques are advanced and our experts highly experienced and professional, thereby rendering nothing but the best results just for you!

Our adroit experts specialise in:

  • Removing Stubborn Stains
  • Treating Foul Odours
  • Removing Allergens
  • Dust Mites
  • Sticky Dirt Particles
  • Food Particles

and more from every and otherwise unreachable corner of the upholstery.

We don’t look at ourselves at paid employees but cleanliness and hygiene partners. After all, in your safety and hygiene lies our benefit! Why condemn yourself to a life riddled with hygiene concerns when you can live carefree and away from detrimental elements with us by your side?

Call Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning, and get the best services for upholstery cleaning in Melbourne! Call us at 1300 841 383 and book an upholstery cleaning appointment with us.

The Benefits of Master’s Upholstery Cleaning

  • Looking for an upholstery cleaner? Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning delivers a unique dry cleaning process that works on even the most delicate fabrics, all in 4-6 hours!
  • We apply a professional strength Sanitise and Deodourise cleaning solution to reduce the amount of unhealthy bacteria and allergens on and in your sofa.
  • We offers fabric couch cleaning, fabric protection and stain removal services aross Melbourne.
  • Revive your furniture with our professional upholstery cleaning service and gets rid of stains and dirt on lounges, dining chairs and arm chairs.
  • We don’t take all day – your chairs or couch will be dry enough to sit on again in 4 to 6 hours Thorough Pre-Vacuum.
  • Enjoy our LOCAL SPECIALS offers
  • Our service is eco-friendly, cleans deep and dries fast.
  • Our professional steam cleaners will take care of your sofa and upholstery.
  • A dry solvent is applied, when the sofa is delicate: 100% natural or decorated.
  • If you’re cleaning your upholstery less than once a year, then steam cleaning is the better cleaning method for you, because it digs deeper into the fabric.
  • We clean regular fabrics, leather upholstery, curtains & more. OFFERS AVAILABLE!


What our clients say about their experience with us.

karla mcmaster
karla mcmaster
Great Job! My carpets were very much needing cleaning. He was able to take out stains I thought were impossible! I will be contacting you for future service! Thank you.
Masters,of steam and dry cleaning U will never go wrong Great service Sam the best man he looks after the elderly people Great work my couches and carpets look new will refer to family and friends will surely come back for more clean in the future Highly recommend this company
Amanda F
Amanda F
Masters of steam dry cleaning Did excellent job Couches and carpets look great smell nice Sam did a fabulous job highly recommend you and we will continue our services Such lovely people to work and handle your house with care Well done
Haifaa Hamzah
Haifaa Hamzah
Highly recommend this company Very friendly easy going Do the work well and especially Sammy very great with customer service Congratulations team on your lovely service to me will refer you to family and friends
This group of services is highly recommend Friendly staff and do the work with full dedication Sammy is the great guy who gives you good service well.done team
Tina Iaconis
Tina Iaconis
Had my carpet done very happy with the results
Mya F
Mya F
Very reliable work Sammy great guy done a fabulous job And couches look so amazing Work is clean and done professionally and guaranteed Highly recommend this company
Sarah Dwyer
Sarah Dwyer
Jay from Master of Steam and Dry Cleaning did an excellent job. The couches look brand new and hard to clean stains were gone, the carpet was also fresh and clean. Very satisfied would definitely refer to family and friends


Yes, we have solutions for all kinds of stains.
Yes, we provide cleaning services for all upholstery from dining chairs to various couches.
We provide cleaning services for carpet, rug, leather couch, upholstery, mattress, tiles and grouts and everything in between. Check out our website for more.
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