Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Maximum Room size

12 square meters is the maximum room size . Combined lounge and dining are considered 2 rooms.

Upholstery seat size

Standard seat size is 50-60 cm in width . If the seat is wider or larger then an extra fee will be charged by the technician attending the property.

Payment Terms

We accept Cash, Mastercard, VISA, and EFTPOS.


  • 1.5 % processing fee applies to all credit cards.
  • $1 fee applies to all eftpos debit cards.

Minimum Charge

The minimum charge for a visit is $85.

Call out Fee

The call-out fee is $50 and it is applicable only when the technician attends the job and assesses it as undoable for technical reasons.

Same Day Service

Same day service is available upon request and for an extra charge.

Cancellation or No-Show Policy

When you are booking with us, we are reserving a time slot and a technician just for you. We understand that sometimes, you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Please give us as much notice as possible so we can arrange for a rescheduled booking.

We will charge a cancellation fee if you cancel within 24 hours or less. The cancellation fee will be assessed based on the type of service, but it will not be less than 50% of the services booked.

Wear and Tear

Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning Services cannot guarantee that all stains can be removed upon cleaning. Some stains are caused from acids, and permanent dyes, and cannot be removed. Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning Services cannot be held responsible for any pre-existing condition that is not visible upon site inspection. Customers are advised that certain stains are impossible to be removed, and certain conditions caused by wear and tear are not apparent until the completion of cleaning.

General conditions and use

  • The technician will inspect the condition and the areas that are getting cleaned with the customer upon arrival
  • The technician will measure the areas that are getting cleaned with the customer upon arrival
  • The price of our service given to the customer over the phone or email is subject to change upon inspection of the job before commencement of work
  • The technician will confirm the price with the customer before commencement of work
  • Extra charges will apply only if the following occurs
    1. If there are extra seats or areas that we were not informed about over the phone or email. Examples are below
      1. The rooms are larger than 12 square meters
      2. Seats are wider than 50-60 cm in width
      3. If upholstery or other areas are heavily soiled or stained with requires serious attention, extra effort, and time. Such as pet stains, coffee or tea stains, make-up, red wine, milk, and grease stains
      4. If there are heavy pet odour, or stains that require more attention

Responsibility and Liability

Some harsh stains may leave a yellow mark on the surface before or after cleaning. We cannot guarantee that any yellow stain that was caused by the stain itself can be removed.

The technician will not be held responsible nor liable for any damage caused by existing conditions that are not visible upon site inspection.

The technician will make every professional and reasonable attempt to clean the quoted areas to the best of his ability.

In certain situations, some deep stains are not visible upon site inspection, and hidden beneath the actual fibres. After proper cleaning, these stains may surface. Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning Services is not responsible nor liable for such stains.

Reporting complaints

Any complaint must be reported within 24 hours after the work is completed either by calling 1300 841 383 or by sending an email to mastersofsteamanddrycleaning@gmail.com

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