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Cleaning Services in Melbourne – Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning

Expert Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

At Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning Services we offer carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, couch cleaning, sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, leather lounge cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and vinyl floor cleaning in Melbourne for residential and commercial customers. These services include free deodorizing, mould treatment, and all types of stain removal if required. It is crucial to maintain the cleaning of your carpet, upholstery, couch, sofa, mattress, leather lounge, tile and grout, and vinyl floor, throughout your home or office as it can often inhabit germs, allergens, dirt, and bad odors. By using Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning Services Melbourne we can erase these unwanted inhabitants and leave your home or office cleaner and fresher for longer.

Whether you live in a rural area outside of Melbourne or in a metropolitan suburb in Melbourne, our team at Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning Services Melbourne can provide you with a professional and stain removal service at affordable prices.

Our Services

Dedicated services tailored to your needs.
We are specialist provider of cleaning services throughout Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning

Our natural, deep-down carpet cleaning and protection service will leave you with visibly cleaner carpets whilst improving durability and extending their life.


Upholstery Cleaning

Couches, lounge suites, sofas, arm chairs and other upholstered furniture receive a lot of daily use, especially in a home with children and pets or in a commercial environment.


Mattress Cleaning

We helps you eliminate the many types of germs, viruses and bacteria that can accumulate within mattresses and contribute to health problems.


Leather Cleaning

Your will be amazed and delighted at what our Leather Lounge Restoration technicians can achieve with our unique process. Same day service avialable!


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Industry specialists suggest that tile and grout surfaces be cleaned once every 12 to 18 months to remove bacteria and maintain a permanent shine.


Vinyl Floor Cleaning

You will be surprised with the difference our vinyl floor cleaning service can achieve through our high qualified technicians unique process.


Why choose Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning Services?

We know how to build trust & offer the highest quality.
We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing who to clean
your home, here are some reasons to consider Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning Services.

Enjoy benefits of our work:

  • Choice between steam or dry cleaning.
  • Fast drying time 1-3 hours.
  • All our products are made in Australia, and are safe for your family and pets.
  • Most tough stains are eliminated.
  • Fast and prompt bookings.
  • Eco friendly uses less water.
  • Same day service available.
  • Fully insured and police cleared.

We are a specialist provider of cleaning services throughout Melbourne

About Us

We have been building our experience effectively since

20 Years

We're 100% family friendly, and provide fast quotes, and free carpet deodorising and mould treatment. If you are of the belief that you'll be able to make your carpet look nice with a regular vacuum cleaner, then you better think again. Vacuuming alone is not going to help make your carpet completely free from odour, dust and mould. If there are animals or pets in your house, this makes cleaning floors and carpet even harder. All carpet has a tendency to get dirty over time (especially with pets) because of your pets dirty feet and sometimes even their urine. The stains and odours caused by these challenges can be very confronting. This is just one of the many reasons to hire professionals to clean your carpets, which can make the whole process so much easier.

In our work, we also care about the Safety of Work

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Never work with faulty equipment's. Latest instruments, Reliable service, Above Standard Quality, Price Affordable, etc. factors we take care.


Trust & On Time

Our main concern is customer happiness and We never make our customer to wait in a queue. On time services and Trust worthy Quality in one call.


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