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Upholstery Cleaning Services Frankston

Why us?

In addition to our years long expertise and experience, we also offer the choice of steam cleaning and dry cleaning with no additional cost for upholstery cleaning in Frankston. And the use of non-toxic products assures you the safety and pleasant experience. With the quicker drying time of one to two hours, Master’s steam and dry-cleaning service is best for the sofa cleaning in Frankston.

Why important?

Given the humidity levels which varies from 62% to 70%, it is important to make sure that your couch cleaning is done regularly so to avoid various risks such as allergies or respiratory diseases and other health issues. Sofa being the essential part of the drawing room, it also affects your image for your relatives and friends and other guests. It is important to have the upholstery cleaned regularly with fixed and well thought out time-periods. It is very important considering both the health and daily use aspects. Although, air quality stays between fair and excellent levels, with the consistently increasing pollution all over globe, frequent couch cleaning in Frankston can never be an ‘extra’ of a precaution. The frequent and regular cleaning also helps with prolonging of the upholstery life-span.